Looking for expertise advice on home interior and space planning?

With our years of experience in the industry, you can expect good workmanship and stylish design at competitive prices from DC Vision Design!

We deliver thoughtful interior designs that blend creativity with functionality.

DC Vision Design comprises of a team of dedicated designers and project consultants who are fully client oriented and ready to take on your next home renovation project. The services we provide are comprehensive and extend from conceptualizing and project management right through to construction and finishing.

We are meticulous in the home renovation projects we undertake and pride ourselves in coming up with innovative solutions to complex questions of design and functionality.

Our process begins by establishing a clear understanding of our clients objectives, vision, needs, schedule, and budget. We address these elements with creativity and innovation to develop designs that serve our clients needs while truly enhancing their environment. We will follow through the whole renovation process, working with you to design your interior space to help maximise each projects potential, creating value and providing a unique design that exceeds your expectation.

Our team of expert designers have experience working across a diverse range of properties including HDB flats, apartments, landed properties and condominiums.

We pride ourselves on providing unique interior design solutions that are tailored to the needs of each individual client. Our renovations are flexible in terms of cost, scale, and time, to ensure quality design is accessible to everyone.

Our Range Of Services Include:

  • Interior Design Consultancy
  • Architectural (A&A/Construction)
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  • PE Endorsement for A&A works
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  • HDB Renovation Submission
  • PUB Licensed Plumbing Service
  • LEW Electrical Works
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  • Renovation Works
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  • Carpentry Works

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